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A real grand entrance! Pemberton Wedding style

In Pemberton brides know how to make their grand entrance in style!  Love fearless and eclectic brides that take a risk and make a wedding their own!

XO Marcie

Photo credit to the exceptionally talented Darby Magill


Elegant White on White Inspiration

White on white inspiration with a touch of blush and pearls.  Perfect for our elegant North Arm Farm Pemberton wedding this summer!  Can't wait! XO Marcie



Whistler Wedding ~ Averil + Andrew

Well, I've been sitting on this most beautiful Whistler wedding for some time now.  The challenge to pick photos from my stack was challenging, to say the least.  A 120-photo blog post might have been a tad bit over the top!  So this past week I dug my heels in, sat down with a nice glass of wine (which I know these 2 would approve of!) and picked the best of the best.  The incomparable Crispin Cannon made it almost impossible, thanks Crispin!, but here it of my favourite weddings from summer 2014 of two unique and extraordinary humans and their awesome wedding.  Two people that I'm now lucky enough to call friend.

Averil & Andrew were married at Cedarstone Estate in Whistler surrounded by their closest friends and family.  Everything about this wedding made sense if you know these two.  From Averil's custom head piece tucked into those beautiful locks styled by Brenda Bakker  to the most stunning wedding dress I have ever seen! From Andrew's father's custom stationary designed by the man himself!, to the fairy (that's right a fairy!) to entertain the kids, including A + A's cutie pututie daughter T.  And I'm still so in LOVE with the peacock colour palette.  Definitely a tribute to Averil's sense of style and out of the box vision.  

There was laughter, tears, games, wine, fabulous food by creative chef John Ferris owner of The Collective Kitchen.  As the lead planner and designer I was lucky to be on the journey with A + A from picking the venue to the gorge flowers on the tables created by our in house florist Megan.  I just can't imagine what my summer would have been like without getting to meet and gab with these two.  Averil and Andrew, it's wedding couples like you that are the reason I do what I do.  You make life just a bit more fun and challenging (in a very good way).  Like they say, never a dull moment!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me experience your day and letting me be part of your life.  So looking forward to a glass of wine on your dock this summer!

XO Marcie




Casey + Justin ~ Christmasy Whistler Wedding

Casey and Justin were married in Whistler on one of those bluebird days that every winter wedding couple dreams of.  The day was perfect in so many ways and I think it's reflected in the way Justin looks at Casey. Definitely a lot of love there!  

Casey wanted her wedding day to be a celebration of family and not about the "protocol" of a wedding.  Having a wedding in Whislter was a way to bring hers and Justin's family together for the first time to not only celebrate their commitment to each other but to celebrate their first Christmas as a married couple.  

Bliss created a fun, sparkly wedding with lots of twinkle lights, glitter, reds and hints of dark blue.  I just love the mix of natural elements with rich gold and red. 

Casey and Justin, thank you for your sweet nature during the designing of your wedding flowers and decor and letting Bliss make your wedding so pretty!

















5 tips to unplug your ceremony

Every summer I have moments that make me cringe.  It could be a speech that embarrasses the bride. Parents that just can't seem to leave their problems at home.  Or a venue that argues with one of my planners.  But the most irritating and rude thing that I see, that I just can't get over, is a wedding planner taking photos of a bride and groom as they're saying their vows and then popping that on Instagram.  

So for the bride and groom who would rather see their ceremony photos first, before the rest of humanity, here's 5 ideas you can use to unplug your ceremony.

1.         Remind your wedding planner the week before wedding day, in an email, that you do not want photos taken of the ceremony.

2.         Pop a sign at the ceremony entrance.  Make it fun and quirky, like the sign above, so guests don't feel offended.

3.         Put a note in your invitation about your need for a bit of privacy so guests are prepared in advance.

4.         Serve champagne as guests enter the ceremony.  I know I'd rather have a glass of champagne than a camera in my hands! 

5.         Lastly, always have your officiate announce no cameras or phone photos when he/she welcomes guests.